How to handle bad interviews and stay motivated.

My video on the topics.

Hello there! How often do you experience rejections when you look for a job? How do you react?

I want to bring an important topic: dealing with rejections and dealing with bad interviews overall. So bear with me on it. Here I have a video. But if you are not up for a video but prefer reading, be my guest and explore the text transcript as well.

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Why should we use services like StackOverflow?

There are a lot of services like Stack Overflow, Quora, and so on. I’m pretty sure you did hear about one at least. Probably you use these services to ask for some help, do you? Anyway, my point isn’t about using these services to get some kind of answers. I’m talking about writing answers by yourself. No, I know that reading existing answers and questions is absolutely helpful practice. But also you should give as many answers as you can.
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