Why should we use services like StackOverflow?

There are a lot of services like Stack Overflow, Quora, and so on. I’m pretty sure you did hear about one at least. Probably you use these services to ask for some help, do you? Anyway, my point isn’t about using these services to get some kind of answers. I’m talking about writing answers by yourself. No, I know that reading existing answers and questions is absolutely helpful practice. But also you should give as many answers as you can.

The first reason to do that is very simple. When you are explaining something you are getting deeper and stronger knowledge about question topic. If you want to learn something you should explain that to somebody. This is one of ways to do that. Maybe you noticed when you tried to explain some kind of complicated things to your friend or coworker you memorize that better. And the next time it will be a bit easier  to understand and explain.

The next reason is communicating with community. In fact if you left a few comments or answers you get another opinions or discussions about your approach and so on. You can discuss your code, decisions with others. And it will be very helpful for each of you (I’m talking about your conversation participant, but not about your cat). If you can make polite and constructible conversations it’s gonna be better for you. And you will get a lot of benefits.

The third reason is making your name as professional. What kind of information you can find about yourself in internet? Just google your name (or nickname, if this one is so unique) and try to find something about you on the first page. If you have made your name before you can find a lot of answers on these services, questions, articles, maybe it will be your LinkedIn page that can relate previous data with you.
If you have any open source projects participation its gonna be displayed on the result page. I think it’s really great if you can find the same. Maybe you don’t have a lot of participations or something like that.

So, I suggest you to start making your professional name as fast as you can. And start with services like StackOverflow, Quora, and so on. You can find a lot of similar services, Maybe it will be some kind of developers forums or social network. Use all possibilities.

Your actions: Register on sites like Stack Overflow, Quora, JavaTalks, and another exchanging services. Maybe the following link will help you to find appropriate resources: click me. Visit these sites as often as you can and find any interesting topic for you, try to give answers or participate in discussions. Create you own blog to post articles if it possible. After a few weeks you will notice that you become a bit smarter

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